Our Mission

To ensure every newborn, infant and toddler in our community is supplied with the most basic need-diapers. 

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The Diaper Bank of Central Florida Inc., is a charitable organization founded by a mom that wanted a way to give back to the local community. As an adopted non-profit that provides diapers to those in need throughout Orange County Florida, we operate 100% by our volunteer President and her family and we rely solely on community support to be able to provide diapers to our partners. The very small amount of cash donations that we receive go towards purchasing diapers and wipes when needed and also towards operating costs.


Since our inception on February 14 2014, and out of our tiny garage, we have provided over 104,000 diapers to those in need in Central Florida.

On average we provide 14,000 - 16,000 diapers to our local community, however, in the past 2 years (and because of hurricanes) our average skyrocketed.

In 2017, we donated over 32,000 diapers and of that, 18,000 went directly to hurricane victims.

11,200 to Puerto Rico for Hurricane Maria

3,900 to Southwest Florida for Hurricane Irma

3,000 to Texas for Hurricane Harvey

In 2018, we donated over 27,000 diapers and of that, over 9,000 went directly to victims of Hurricane Michael.


To ensure every newborn, infant and toddler in our community is supplied with the most basic need-diapers. 

There are no federal assistance programs that pay for or provide diapers-including WIC, Food Stamps and Medicare. Diapers are an unmet basic need for families. Daycare Centers require parents to provide disposable diapers. If a parent cannot afford diapers, he or she cannot leave their children in daycare, therefore the cycle of poverty continues because the parents cannot work or go to school. The need for diapers hits the most vulnerable in our community the hardest, especially when they cannot afford them. A clean change of diapers on a regular basis can cost up to $100/month (if not more)– for all stages of diaper needs.


Nonprofits working with families and individuals consistently list diapers as an ongoing and TOP need.


Being that we are run by a volunteer, the most critical items that we need are diapers and wipes. We accept any brand of diapers, pull ups or wipes, any size diapers or pull ups and even open packages of diapers are ok. 

The Diaper Bank also needs community engagement to succeed; groups and individuals willing to run Diaper Drives and fundraisers to support ur efforts and help us help babies across Orange County. 


DONATIONS: Diapers that are donated to the Diaper Bank are split and distributed between our 3 partner agencies. There are some instances where we will direct donations directly to one of our partners. 

IN NEED: Those in need of diapers are directed to make an appointment with one of our 3 partner agencies that is closest to them. Diapers and wipes (if available) are given to those in need directly from our partner agencies. 

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